A family is considered as a strategic method for preserve the social class and the social system. The family system can't be broken as the capitalism exists. The destruction of the capitalism hasn't come up to the surface, but we witness successively that the society of capitalism has come to its limit. And certainly, families who belong to the society are rocking.
I don't see a family system as a utopia. A number of people accept this system as an ideal one without consideration. I think this perception is rooted in the education of the image of an ideal family.  is educated and forced image of a happy family become an obstacle of recognizing a family itself, which leads to a prejudice when seeing other families.
How happy and utopic is the existence of your family in your life?
I first asked people to testify the attitude of their family members in the house. This work is
based on their immediate answers to this question. It shows how one perceives others' behavior in the place called 'house'. I'm not blaming every individual for the loneliness and the solitude of the members of the family they belong to, nor talking about a huge crack in the relationship within a family. I now think about the daily life of families lacking of communication despite the fact that they share the same address and the same place and yet about the irony of the missions given to them as a family member. If this is what a family is, I question why it is up to us to bear this cruelly familiar solitude and why we have to perform a function of a family member.
from the artist's note