My Chemical Romance (2012)
Anxiety, Friendship and Virtue with teenage girls.
The adolescence is a time of unstable identity. Friendship of girls are mutually dependent that is different from the friendship of boys. In adolescence that having confused identity, they make jealous, obsession from their relation. They believe themselves their friendship is absolute in the world. So we can know that their relation is very closed and unbroken friendship. But in this relation there is another anxiety. Two girls only exist in picture, and another person exist in reality. Another person is eyer. And I’m sure that eyer can be us. Their relationship can be make that eyer is perfectly stranger. But that relation is easy to break with tiny things between girls. For this reason they are anxious.
The light of night and the empty space are nervous to us. But these girls seem like indifferent in there. I can't squeeze in between these girls because of a bond of friendship between them. But if some tiny thing pierce their relation, in that moment, this relation is break. I took these girls at every night for raising tensions about two girls, anxious relation, and dangerous environment around girls. I wanted to exist only two girls in picture except other people in the street. I saw, and cast them. And I ordered to keep their attitude naturally and direct only their facial expression to them. I made process this project to concentrate voyeuristic gaze about girl on the street at night and anxiety of relation between girls.