Yes, good. Good country, 2016 (5‘47“), single-channel video

This video work was begun as a group project. Miji Lee, You Gu, and Bonnie Cheng come from South Korea, China, and Hong Kong respectively, three places sharing a common history under Japanese occupation during the Second World War. Yet, unlike in Europe, the relationship between Asian countries are still hindered without a cautious postwar rehabilitation; there has been criticism that the Japanese Government has until today not yet given a formal apology. In the video, the three grandmothers of Miji, You and Bonnie share their personal experiences and reflects on the Second World War. Although they lived under Japanese occupation at the same time, it is interesting to find that they have quite a diverse opinion. and I have started working continues on this work. how big different opinion about the world powers around South Korea I have with my grandmother and mother. and where this difference comes.
Link for Full Version (2016, 19‘10“)
that song, 2016 (3‘27“), single-channel video
I was grown up in Korean reunifications mood.It’s about the shock about my grandmother’s North Korea-hatred. I had never thought that my grandmother is terrified at North Korea or abominates. I was wondering about the Song which she had sung Song of General Kim Il-sung during the interview. while I was researching on that song, I found few video of a foreign tourist in North Korea and the foreign tourist sings Song of General Kim Il-sung during his Trip.
and other footages are given the meeting of North-South Korea in the news when I was grown up.