Untitled girl (2010)
These girls have a precarious living. They keep their unstable things in their bosom. And then, they lived fiercely in past, living in present, will live for their future. They didn't give a protection and care from their family. In precarious family environment, they have known misfortune for the first time in their life. This misfortune drove their life to the wall. For escape from the inevitable misfortune, they took their start in life as naked themselves. In this process, they makes unhappy themselves for survive. They keep going to step off on the wrong foot of their life. This ' step ', it is for 'step-by-step' living like other people. who dare to blame these girls wrong step?
These pictures give us a sense of difference. This sense of difference is from their attitude to treat some place( probably, world ). They are very accustomed to these places like their shelter, and park around shelter. But they have a nervous attitude despite taking their picture in their familiar places. This is not separation, isolation or assimilation from place.Probably, this is originate in the trace of past that they passed through and chaos of will toward their future.

/Say for girl